Economic Development Strategy

The Town and City of Groton worked together to write a joint economic development strategy designed to empower the Groton community to create an economic future that realizes our full potential.

Why did we create a joint strategy for the Town and City?

Economic development is not just programs and organizations. It is about people and networks and, therefore, complex. Success requires a holistic approach.

The economy is rapidly changing based on demographics, culture, and technology. Therefore, the Town and City must work together and be adaptive by promoting diverse opportunities, continually monitoring implementation and adjusting accordingly.

This plan assumes and builds on the established framework for collaboration between the Town and City.

What is the vision?

To be the community of choice for businesses, residents, visitors, and employees. Its diverse economy is thriving and the innovation and economic activity it generates is leading regional economic transformation and shared prosperity. The Town and City work collaboratively to provide seamless economic development technical assistance and leadership.