Educational Opportunities

Groton offers outstanding educational opportunities for all ages. At our public schools, dedicated teachers, involved parents and forward leaning administrators along with modern facilities form the foundation of our approach to the critical task of educating your children. Fitch Senior High School provides an extensive program of studies including Honors, Advanced Placement and an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program which is widely recognized by major universities and colleges across the globe. For a complete overview of Groton’s public education system, visit the Groton Public School District website. The Ella Grasso Southeastern Technical High School, also in Groton, prepares students for immediate productive employment and responds to employers' and industries' current and emerging and changing global workforce needs and expectations through business/school partnerships 

Highlighting Groton’s maritime heritage, the Marine Science Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut, located in Groton, prepares students for higher education and marine-related employment for the diverse interests of a broad spectrum of students. Project Oceanology, located on the Avery Point campus of the University of Connecticut, offers hands-on learning opportunities. There are programs for students in grades 4 through 12, scout programs and summer enrichment overnight and day camps feature an inquiry oriented approach to science.

The Avery Point campus of the University of Connecticut provides undergraduate majors in American Studies, Marine Sciences and Maritime Studies as well as a wide range of undergraduate minors.   The UCONN Department of Marine Sciences is also located at Avery Point. Faculty, staff, and students within the department carry out cutting-edge research in coastal oceanography using cross-disciplinary approaches. Seminars and Learning Community Discussions are open to the public.   Nearby are Connecticut College, the US Coast Guard Academy and Mitchell College.   Within a sixty mile radius of Groton there are over thirty colleges and universities including the University of Connecticut main campus at Storrs, and the University of Rhode Island, as well as two Ivy League institutions, Brown and Yale and seven Community Colleges.