A Vibrant History and a Great Future

Groton has a long tradition of actively supporting people with big ideas. When whale oil lit homes, Groton was a center for the international whaling industry and when sea trade was critical to the nation’s growth, Groton craftsmen built Clipper Ships. The first nuclear submarine in the world was designed and built here. The production of Penicillin and Vitamin C were perfected here. National defense has long been big here. The Naval Submarine Base located in Groton began with a big idea by local citizens. It is now home to the Navy’s Submarine School where sailors learn how to operate the most technologically advanced sea craft in the world. Groton is also home to one of only four DOD facilities in the US that perform sophisticated maintenance on Army helicopters. You can be a part of our long-term success story; involve your business in Groton today.

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