Town of Groton Profile


Demographics For all the demographic details on Groton, including: Population Education Age distribution Business sector profiles Education Government overview Housing stock Labor force view the Groton Town Profile. Demographic profiles are provided by the Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC), a nonprofit corporation and public-private partnership.   Town of Groton - Fiscal and Business Orientation The Town of Groton is proud of its fiscal strength and business oriented government. Our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report provides all the details you need to understand our revenues, expenditures and government profile.  GIS Data Groton’s Geographic Information System (GIS) is on line and available to you.Our system provides: Interactive Mapping Town Clerk Map Search Stock Map Library Digital Data Map & Digital Data Pricing Government Town of Groton: A Guide to Town Government is designed to help citizens of Groton better understand their system of government. It is intended to serve as a general reference work useful to the citizen over the years. As such, it purposefully excludes references to the personnel currently serving as town officials....Learn More »