Oceanographic Business Ecosystem Supports BlueTech Companies


man at the dockThe Groton area is home to a strong oceanographic ecosystem that includes BlueTech companies like Thayer Mahan, LBI Inc. and members of the Naval & Maritime Consortium - an organization comprised of members ranging from undersea technology startups to Fortune 1000 companies.

The constellation of the BlueTech cluster goes along the shoreline from Groton to University of Rhode Island Marine Science Research Facility. Many of these companies choose to locate in Connecticut where they have access and financial support through incentives like the Accumulated R&D Tax Credit Expansion Program and manufacturing incentives for those who manufacture the parts and products these oceanographic companies need.

Collaborate. Test. Deploy. Grow. 

Thayer Mahan’s mantra of “whiteboard-to-wet in six months” embodies the accelerated pace of the research, development and implementation of oceanographic technology and solutions being developed in Groton and the surrounding region. 

Thayer Mahan is one of several regional companies with DOD contracts who need vendors to assist with their supply chain, in addition to needing marine grade wiring and welding, construction, assembly and installation services.

Joining the Naval & Maritime Consortium provides companies with additional opportunities to collaborate on projects and leverage opportunities. With companies performing work that includes 3D modeling of the undersea floor, developing marine grade hardware, designing computer and software solutions, navigation systems and robotics, among others, these companies are on the cutting edge of innovation and integral to research being conducted around the world.

Join Oceanographic Leaders in Groton, CT

Explore the world’s last frontier from Groton, CT - a hub for the oceanographic industry and central to the companies and research facilities leading the world in innovation. BlueTech companies and those investing in undersea technology will find a home here, as will all companies within the supply chain, from electrical engineers and contractors to robotics, hardware and software companies. 

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