Groton Has Skilled Engineers, Tradesmen and Marine Workers for BlueTech Companies


BlueTech companies like Thayer Mahan and LBI Inc. have chosen to locate in Groton, in part, due to close proximity to engineering schools and the National Institutes for Undersea Vehicle Technology, a university-industry partnership that collaborates with the Navy to accelerate the training necessary to prepare the next generation of maritime workers and explorers.

With a convenient northeast location, Groton employers have access to engineers, skilled tradesmen and marine workers coming out of universities and technical schools. Plus, the Eastern CT Manufacturing Pipeline Initiative provides no cost training for the Electric Boat industry, members of EAMA and regional employers looking to create their own programs. Training programs can be adapted to the needs of specific companies, creating a solid talent pipeline from which to grow.

Educational & Recruitment Opportunities 

Within Groton, the Marine Science Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut is preparing the next generation of marine explorers, scientists and engineers from an early age. At the collegiate level, the University of Connecticut Marine Sciences at Avery Point has an undergraduate and graduate program that directly involves students in the research, development and analysis process.

Your Opportunity is Here 

BlueTech companies are making their home in Groton & need companies in the supply chain to locate here.

Groton, CT is strategically located on the Long Island Sound and surrounded by marine research institutions. These strategic partnerships, combined with Groton’s access to marine environments, has made it an ideal home for BlueTech companies and anyone exploring undersea technology. Area companies are working on projects that include the 3D modeling of the undersea floor, developing marine grade hardware, alternative energy, data collection, and more. Companies within the supply chain are needed to support them. These include providers of computer design, systems and electrical communications tech, navigation systems, hardware manufacturing, robotics companies and contractors.

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