Town of Groton Economic Development Commission

The Town of Groton Economic Development Commission (EDC) is charged with the promotion and development of the economic resources of the Town, and of the business and industrial resources of the Town, chiefly by serving as a liaison to the business community and a conduit back to the Town Manager and town staff with information and business concerns.

Role of the EDC

The role of the Town of Groton EDC is to promote and develop the economic resources of the town, consistent with the town’s historic character, quality of life and natural environment.

The EDC is a nine-member volunteer group, appointed by the Town Manager. Members represent a cross-section of business, industry and higher education to advise and support the Town Government in its development of plans, policies, regulations and strategies to create and maintain a resilient, sustainable and equitable economy. Its ultimate goal is to promote and advance a vision for Groton that encourages innovation and supports business development, retention and expansion.

Supporting Your Business Needs

The EDC, through the Town’s Office of Planning and Development Services (OPDS), is committed to helping Groton businesses succeed. If you are thinking of starting, expanding or acquiring an existing business in Groton, or interested in relocating here, we are ready to help.

OPDS possesses extensive in-house economic development capabilities with access to a wide range of state and regional business support resources. Whether it’s marketing, networking, space location, work force recruitment, regulation or infrastructure issues, OPDS has the people, information, tools and experience to support your business needs. EDC members are here to encourage you to take advantage of those resources and to respond to your business concerns.

For more information contact: 
Paige Bronk, Manager
Economic and Community Development
Office of Planning and Development Services
(860) 448-4095



Members of the Economic Development Commission are appointed by the Town Manager and serve 5-year terms.

EDC Meetings

EDC meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 5:30 pm and are open to the public. Go here for instructions on joining the remote meetings.

Monthly Economic Division Reports

Commission Members

  • Robert Boris, Chair
  • Joe de la Cruz, Vice Chair
  • George Mathanool, Secretary
  • Susan Dowling
  • Jake Dunigan
  • Pantea Umrysz
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant


  • David McBride (Town Council)
  • Lian Obrey (RTM)
  • Aaron Brooks (Groton Utilities)
  • Steven Sadlowski (US Navy Subase)