Access to a talented labor pool is invaluable to a growing business venture. The Groton Economic Development team works closely with local and regional organizations to provide educational and workforce pipeline training programs designed to meet the needs of growing businesses. For more information, contact us directly or learn more at the following links:


Groton Workforce & Employment

The workforce population (age 16 or older) in Groton is 22,030; the unemployment rate is about four percent.

Among Groton residents over 25, approximately 35 percent have earned a college degree, including 15 percent of residents who hold an advanced graduate or professional degree. For more detailed demographic data, see the community profile.

Groton is the site of about 24,000 jobs, about 20 percent of which are held by Groton residents. The remaining 80 percent of the jobs are held by commuters who live in the surrounding towns. The average travel time for employees working in Groton is about 19 minutes.

Regional Labor Pool

Within a 30-minute commute-time to/from Groton, the employed population is just over 134,000. The top three industry sectors by employment are:

  • Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Trade