Tiny Houses and Granny Pods - What They Mean for Municipal Land Use Planners

5 Dec 2019

Popular in California and the Pacific Northwest where we see high population growth and prohibitive real estate prices, the fastest adopters of the tiny house movement are millennials, who are trying to establish their own space, and baby boomers / early empty-nesters that are looking to downsize.  Here in Connecticut, tiny homes are more of a curiosity or novelty, and come with complications, in part due to municipal zoning regulations. 

Listen as Courtney Hendricson, Vice President of Municipal Services at CERC welcomes John Guszkowski, Lead Planner and Community Developer with CME Associates and they discuss the state of tiny homes in Connecticut, including legislation that affects these accessory dwelling units - such as tiny houses and temporary healthcare structures (also known as “granny pods”), what the legislation means for the 169 Connecticut municipalities, and how other states are addressing this new housing trend and the resulting dwelling density considerations.

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