What’s Going On: Jetsons redux, as Chelsea Groton officially opens new headquarters

20 Feb 2024

Business, Community Interest

Getting a tour before the ribbon cutting Thursday for Chelsea Groton Bank’s new headquarters building on Poquonnock Road in Groton was like being transported into a vision of the future, the Jetsons cartoon show in real life.

All around the 37,000-square-foot building, which not so long ago looked like a relic of the past, people were working collaboratively, with smiles on their faces, grabbing a bite to eat in the light-filled cafe, or holding conferences in glass-walled rooms set up with large screens available for teleconferencing. In one room, customer service reps talked via video to ATM customers at a variety of Chelsea Groton branches, offering pretty much the same services as they can get from a teller while offering extended hours for people to do transactions after the bank is closed.

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