Housing in short supply amid Electric Boat building boom

24 Jun 2024

Economic Development, Community Interest

David Shaman Ortiz, a rigger at Electric Boat, is looking for a one-bedroom apartment for him and his family within a 15-to-20 minute commute of his job in Groton.

But the search to find a space for him and his partner, Suhery Tavarez, both in their early 30’s, and their 11-month-old son, Elrah Ortiz, has been very difficult.

Ortiz, who has a salary of about $50,000, said the apartments either are too expensive and he doesn’t qualify because of his income, or he gets priced out because there are so many applicants. Amid the high rents and cost of living, Ortiz, who is currently the only income provider for his household, knows he’s not the only person struggling to provide for the family.

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