History Revisited: Electric Boat Company’s astounding manufacturing diversity

16 May 2018

Maritime Industry

A few weeks ago, while having breakfast with two of my more reliable local historical sources and friends, Everest Brustolon and Bill Scarano, we ventured onto the subject of some of the products, besides submarines, which had previously been made by the Electric Boat Company (now called the Electric Boat Corporation).

Both men, now in their 90s, who had worked at the company back in the 1930s and 1940s, before and after World War II, vividly recalled the production of automatic bowling pin-setters and lightweight truck bodies.

Everest recalled there being a small bowling alley at the company where they tried out the company’s new pin setters, and Bill recalled seeing the building of the truck bodies in the main yard of the plant. Both matter-of-factly stated they recalled the company making many other products just to keep it in business.

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