Marketing Ourselves to Businesses

1 May 2019

Recently the Hartford Business Journal discussed tourism in Connecticut and the potential need to rebrand the state—again. This has caused many to question the sizable investment in repeated branding efforts and the return on those investments. As we think about how Connecticut brands itself in the tourism industry, we also must think about how we market ourselves to businesses.

Active engagement with site selectors and active pursuit of companies is critical to growing as a state. As we have these opportunities, we are able to share Connecticut’s value proposition.  My colleague Erron and I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Site Selectors Guild Annual Conference. While there, we were able to meet a number of site selection consultants. Invariably the welcomes we received were that of surprise—most had not seen Connecticut at such an event in some time. Our message in response is that Connecticut is here and open for business.

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