Project Updates

The latest information about ongoing redevelopment projects will be updated here.

Mystic River Bluffs (former Mystic Education Center)

Meetings between Respler Homes, Coursey & Company, and interested parties have continued. Coursey & Company advised that the Respler Homes team will soon have a Facebook project page followed by an official website. They encourage any and all interested individuals to contact them regarding questions and concerns.

Economic Development staff participated in a small meeting at the request of a few Boulder Court residents. The project’s “Development Agreement” was approved by the Town Council on February 4th. Approval of this agreement formalizes the partnership between the Town and Respler Homes and it details major steps and assumptions moving forward. Respler has a signed Purchase and Sales (P&S) agreement from the state, but the official property closing will not occur for months and not until the “due diligence” process has been completed.

Economic Development and Parks & Recreation staff met with the town’s consultant (Greenplay) on February 5th addressing the community-wide recreation analysis, engineering feasibility review for the Pratt Building, and to discuss future recreation programming for that building. Additionally, staff has been reviewing possible zoning options for the property as well as infrastructure upgrades.

The Respler Homes team continues their environmental remediation analysis and review. Most of 2020 will be used to complete the planning, design, engineering, permitting, and programming for the Mystic Education Center property. Groundbreaking for Phase I will occur in 2021 and will entail preserving the adaptive reuse of the existing buildings plus needed infrastructure. Subsequent development, primarily residential construction, is planned for after Phase I.


Triton Square (former Seely School)

Staff presented the Don Mar Development Corporation as the recommended “preferred developer” for the property on February 19th. This was completed through a formal public presentation at the Town Hall Annex attended by about 60 people. Most indicated general support for the project that proposes a 280-unit multi-family apartment development rich in amenities. Targeted future tenants are young professionals and “empty-nesters.” The Town Council will address legal agreements for the project in March.