Project Updates

The latest information about ongoing redevelopment projects will be updated here. Additional details are included in the monthly Economic Development Division Update.

Mystic River Bluffs (former Mystic Education Center)

Respler and Team held a virual public meeting on Wednesday, January 20th at 7p via the GoTo Meeting platform. The project was reviewed followed by a question and answer session. The meeting can be viewed here: Respler Public Meeting 

Responses to the Request for Proposals (RFP) that the state and town received from the RFP process in 2018 for the redevelopment of the Mystic Education Center property can be viewed here: Responses to the Request for Proposals

The “Mystic River Bluffs” project is advancing with staff meetings weekly. See the link for more project information The zoning district draft, specifically a Plan presentation, was addressed by the Planning & Zoning Commission on December 29th. Cost estimating for the Pratt Building redevelopment is ongoing specific to the renovation of the building and future public recreation facility use. Greenplay/Pirie and the Groton Parks/Recreation Department completed a Pratt Building presentation that will occur before the Town Council on January 5th. CT DAS has inquired about the project schedule since they desire to complete the sale of the state property in 2021.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) budgeting is still ongoing, including assistance from Camoin on behalf of Groton. Fuss & O’Neil, Respler’s engineering contractor, continues to refine design and engineering concepts for the Master Plan. Groundbreaking for Phase I is envisioned in 2021 starting with the adaptive reuse of all existing buildings plus installation of needed infrastructure. Subsequent development, primarily residential construction, is planned for Phase II.

If you have any qustions or wish to provide feedback regarding this project you can call Respler Homes at 860-499-3453 or submit comments on the project website at  


Triton Square (former Seely School)

The property was officially sold to the DonMar Development team in December. Construction for the “Triton Square” project will begin early in 2021 for the 308-unit multi-family apartment development. Targeted future tenants are young professionals and “empty-nesters.” Anticipated future property tax revenue is in the magnitude of $1 million annually.






Groton Heights School

ThayerMahan, the selected preferred developer, and the Town are finalizing legal reviews on the Purchase and Sales (P&S). The property requires environmental remediation for lead and asbestos and the town is addressing the brownfield grant agreement with the state of CT and ThayerMahan. 

ThayerMahan was chosen as the preferred developer of the Groton Heights Property after an extensive marketing effort, RFP issuance, and review of qualified proposals. The company will expand its Groton business by developing a second location at the Groton Heights property. This economic development project will provide office and floor space for corporate offices, research and development, engineering, and assembly uses. ThayerMahan has grown from three to over 50 employees in three years. They are committed to the project in making this their future world headquarters.


Colonel Ledyard School

The draft purchase agreement is being finalized for submission to the Town Council in February. Bellsite, LLC (Bill Bellock) is the preferred developer and is eager to move this multi-family residential project forward. Phase I will consist of converting the existing school building into between 14-20 apartments. Phase II will include new buildings and apartments (less than 60 apartments) on the rear of the site.


Pleasant Valley School

The Request for Proposals has closed and the Review Committee met on December 22nd to review the submitted proposals. Short-listed developers will receive first interviews by late January 2021. Subsequent interviews will occur focused on the objective of determining a “preferred developer” for recommendation to the Town Council.


517/529 Gold Star Highway

Town staff has been working with a national developer on a purchase agreement and the Town Council approved moving forward with the agreement in January. The project proposes the development of approximately 300 apartments on 17.75 acres encompassing four lots (two town owned and two private owned).