LBI Corp: Making Waves in Groton!

LBI Corp: Making Waves in Groton! Main Photo

24 Jul 2019

Groton has many unique businesses thriving in the community. LBI Corp is one of them and unique doesn’t begin to do them justice. LBI Corp is an Engineering and Manufacturing company that specializes in research and product development for marine systems. Founded in May 1971 by Peter Legnos, the company has over 48 years of experience in the development of autonomous marine systems, specifically developing marine systems that can handle harsh marine environments.

With decades of experience, they have valuable knowledge about materials, composites, mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems to emerging technologies. They provide these valuable services to the United States Department of Defense, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the United States Navy, and commercial customers. LBI Corp have built several new emerging technologies for their customers and continue to advance and create new marine tech every day.

One of LBI Corp’s biggest accomplishments is the development of the Air Deployable Arctic Buoy (AXIB). This, “Seasonal Ice Buoy,” was designed to handle crushing forces of ice and multiple freeze and thaw cycles in the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans. The AXIB is able to withstand these harsh conditions for five years, longer than any other current Arctic Buoy in production. These buoys record vital information about the arctic weather, monitors the ice, and is a climate sensor. This information is used by the international community to track climate change and weather information in the Arctic and Antarctic Ocean. The information is then sent via satellite link to an international data network and the University of Seattle’s Science Center for analysis.

LBI Corp has completed several other interesting projects. LBI Corp developed a Dolphin Delivered Mine Neutralizer for the U.S. Navy’s Marine Mammal Program. These mine replicas were to help the Navy develop better ways to detect and neutralize live mines in the presence of Dolphins and other marine life. They have also created several underwater gliders and vehicles for multiple clients and purposes. One project that is close to completion is the, ”Hummingbird Glider,” which is an underwater glider that was built in collaboration with another Connecticut company, EXOCETUS.

All of these technologies are created by the hard-working employees at LBI Corp. Founder, Peter Legnos knows that his Groton employees have been critical to the success the company is experiencing today.

“You’re nothing without your people. It all comes down to people working together.” – Peter Legnos

With a team of 18 employees, Legnos makes sure that everyone feels heard and is successful in their position. The team at LBI Corp consists of engineers, craftsmen, welders, machinists, pattern makers, and an accountant. LBI’s Groton employees have proved to be highly skilled and reliable. When the company decided to grow again, they decided to do so in Groton. In fact, their team is expected to grow to 25-28 employees within the next year.

For Legnos, Groton was the obvious choice when he asked himself where he would like his business to be located.

“I grew up in Hartford, CT, and I used to come to Groton when I was a kid. I went off to college, sailed to the Caribbean. I started to build boats when I was very young, as a teenager. I picked this place because I love it here.”

His love of boats and Groton are what brought his unique business here and 48 years later the company continues to create amazing aquatic technologies! By working together with his team of skilled employees, Legnos and the team at LBI Corp continue to thrive here in Groton and we can’t wait to see what they create next!

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