ThayerMahan and PanGeo Subsea Sign MoU to Provide Enhanced Seabed Survey Technologies

24 Mar 2020

Maritime Industry

PanGeo Subsea Inc. and ThayerMahan Inc. recently executed a cooperative partnering agreement to provide a complete suite of state-of-the-art seabed and sub-seabed survey technologies to reduce risk and provide unsurpassed 3D acoustic imagery to clients in the offshore energy industry, to national security stakeholders, academia and the scientific communities.

PanGeo Subsea offers two acoustic survey technologies –the Sub-Bottom Imager™ and the Acoustic Corer™ that penetrate the seabed floor to depths of 20-30 ft and 120 ft respectively to provide true real time 3D visualization of buried geohazards. ThayerMahan is a world leader in providing autonomous maritime and seabed survey solutions.

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