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17 Nov 2021

Community Interest

The Town of Groton has launched a new community engagement platform, Everyone who lives in, works in or visits Groton is invited to use this tool to share views on what is happening in our community. is a discussion forum for current issues and ongoing projects. On the site, users can participate in polls and surveys, pinpoint areas of concern on a map, and offer comments and ideas for Town of Groton staff to review. Built-in monitoring tools prevent the loudest voices in the room from taking over the conversations. The platform is designed to complement all other current forms of public outreach and input.

A great time to register is now. The Town's Long-Term Recovery Committee is using this platform to collect public input on how to spend the $8+ million received through the American Rescue Plan Act. A key element of this strategy is an upcoming budget simulation tool to allow users to conduct a virtual allocation of funds to a series of spending categories such as infrastructure, social services and COVID-adaptation.

The platform is hosted by Bang The Table (, a team of community engagement specialists who have worked with hundreds of communities over the past 14 years.

An ongoing marketing campaign will promote the platform to Town residents, employees and visitors.