First lady visits USS Delaware crew and families in Groton

12 Jan 2024

Community Interest, Military

First lady Jill Biden told the crew and family members of the USS Delaware (SSN-791) at a holiday party inside the Submarine Force Museum Thursday evening that the submarine is family to her.

Biden said that as the sub’s sponsor, the daughter of a World War II Navy veteran, and a National Guard mother who watched her son deploy to Iraq, she has seen “the heart of this team” and is “proud and humbled to be your shipmate for life.”

“You’ve shown the world again and again what it means to be the first defenders of liberty,” Biden told the crew and their families. “You stand on the front lines carrying on the legacy of the sailors and the boats before you protecting our democracy from whatever threats it may face so those here at home can keep reaching for tomorrows that are brighter than our todays.”

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