Groton Business Association, Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce merge

26 Jan 2018

The Groton Business Association, an affiliate of the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce, last week announced that it has merged with the chamber.

This means it will go from being a working committee under the umbrella of the chamber to a standing committee, while retaining its logo. But have no fear: The Fall Festival, Holiday Lights Parade and Business Update Breakfast aren't going anywhere.

The GBA has been an all-volunteer organization, and the "symptoms" that brought about the merger came from the organization "basically burning through its talent pool of volunteers," said Al Valente, chairman of the chamber's board of directors and former chairman of the GBA. "A lot of people volunteer, put a lot of time in, they were just kind of spent, and we were unable to refresh the volunteer pool with fresh talent."

A draft 2018 memorandum of understanding between the chamber and GBA lays out the terms that the chamber executive board will appoint a GBA chairperson, who will then form a committee of three to seven members to work with chamber staff on plans.

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