Craft Brewers Call On Lawmakers To Lift Limits

23 Apr 2018

HARTFORD, CT — An army of craft brewers descended on the state Capitol Tuesday to ask legislators to lift the limit on how much beer they can sell from the state’s increasingly popularity brewery industry.

Currently, craft brewers in the state are limited to selling only 9 liters of beer per customer transaction from their breweries — which John Kraszewski, owner and founder of Armada Brewing of East Haven — said translates into “about 21, 16-ounce cans.”

The General Law Committee heard testimony on a bill, HB 5036, that would lift the limits.

"Craft beer is exploding in Connecticut,” Kraszewski said. “Meanwhile it is also exploding all over New England.”

Kraszewski continued: “People from Connecticut are going to breweries like Trillium in Boston every weekend and loading up. That’s money that could be staying in Connecticut.”

Besides Massachusetts, New York also has no limit on how much craft beer brewers can sell, Kraszewski told the committee.

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