Community Concierge welcomes and is welcome

8 Jun 2018

Community Interest

Plenty of hope for the region’s future hinges on Electric Boat’s continued robust hiring over the next years. The company hired some 2,000 new workers in Connecticut in 2017 and in the upcoming decade promises to double that number.

The state’s and region’s leaders universally hail this hiring as providing a positive punch for the local economy at a time when it’s no secret many of Connecticut’s young people are leaving the state for warmer climates or more cosmopolitan locales. Younger generations are increasingly mobile and less reluctant than were previous generations to ditch unsatisfying jobs or leave behind places that don’t provide the lifestyle they seek.

That means those who hire and those who have a stake in the hiring — which really is all of us in the region — must pay attention not only to what lures new people to the region, but also what will keep them here for the long run.

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