With Filipino restaurant, Groton couple seeks to fill void

28 Dec 2018

Groton — Raymond and Prescilla Go knew it was a gamble to open a restaurant that has an unfamiliar format and serves cuisine unfamiliar to many in the area, but a month and a half in they're feeling good.

Prescilla said their customer base so far is about 40 percent Filipino, but they've been coaxing the other 60 percent into trying dishes new to them, like pork blood stew. As it turns out, they like it and return for more.

"They could be African-American, or white American; it doesn't matter to them," Prescilla said.

The couple opened Raymond's Pinoy Kusina at 928 Poquonnock Road, formerly Snotea Caffe, at the end of August. "Pinoy" is a demonym for Filipinos and their culture, while "kusina" is Filipino for kitchen.

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