Why I am not leaving Connecticut

1 Jan 2020

Some facts about Connecticut:

·      Population: 3.59 million (29 out of 50 states)

·      Area: 5,543 sq miles (48 out of 50 states)

·      Joined the Union in 1788 (5th state to join)

We are small, but mighty. We also have a long history which has shaped how we live, work and play.

If you are not from Connecticut or the northeast, you probably don't know much about our great state. We are known for being many things:

·      Constitution State (We have the first written constitution as recognized by many historians)

·      Nutmeg State (We were so persuasive that we could sell a wooden nutmeg)

·      Insurance Capital of the World (We have one of the highest concentrations of insurance companies in the world - Health, Property and Casualty, Life, etc.)

·      The State of Innovation (We have Aerospace Alley, we invented the helicopter, the nuclear sub, the sports network, the modern day jet engine, mass production and more)

U.S. News and World report ranked Connecticut 21 out of 50 states in their 2019 best state rankings. Everything sounds great, so why is there so much negativity around Connecticut? Why are we losing population? Why don't we have people moving here in droves to take advantage of our great education, quality of life, low crime rate and good health?

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