Amy Perry passes leadership of Thames River Heritage Park to Catherine Foley

30 Sep 2021


Perry, 63, said she thinks it's time for the park to have a different kind of skill set, noting that her experience in marketing was needed when the park was starting out, but now the focus is on programming and development.

Thames River Heritage Park grew from one boat in the water its first season in 2017 to two this past season, with a third planned for the future.

It also grew from just offering hop-on, hop-off boat rides to also offering themed tours. Two new tours offered this summer were Water, Wampum, & Medicine Wheels: Mohegan Life on the Thames, developed in partnership with the Mohegan Tribal Council of Elders, and Blowholes, Blubber, & Breaches: Whaling Tales on the Thames, led by professor, historian and veteran journalist Gail MacDonald.

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