Old Country Pub, Complete With Imported Bar, Brings Rural Ireland to New England

21 Dec 2021

Small Business

For those who have driven the back roads of Ireland, the discovery of an old country pub in the middle of nowhere is one of life’s great pleasures. Walking into a warm and welcoming establishment complete with fireplace, old wooden tables and a bar that’s just meant for socializing is one of those experiences that you’ll remember long after saying farewell.

It is no secret that traditional Irish pubs can be found in many parts of New England — including a number of communities in eastern Massachusetts where Irish immigrants settled — and while some are a bit touristy and others feel like the types of great city pubs found in Dublin and Galway, if you look hard enough, you can find ones that have the feel of those rural pubs of villages like Doolin, Clifden and Adare, including one in an unlikely location: a popular tourist spot along the Connecticut coast.

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