Hanging with Chester in the New Land of BBQ

21 Feb 2024

Community Interest, Small Business

Evenly spaced on the dining room walls of the main dining room in Chester’s Barbecue is a series of framed black and white photos of various smokehouses and barbecue-eaters from generations ago and from across the country. The antiquated nature of the images — along with the accepted notion that most any barbecue restaurant worth a damn is probably in some dilapidated shack or another — makes the pictures almost seem like a Walker Evans exhibition if he’d focused on his favorite rib joints rather than the Great Depression.

Located in a Groton strip center, Chester’s is neither dilapidated nor a shack, but it’s hardly Monte Carlo real estate, either. In that spirit, the photo gallery is a noble aesthetic — an homage, maybe, to what might be called Real BBQ.

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