Groton Ink Master returning to tattoo show as mentor

27 Dec 2017

In October, Steven Tefft was filming the 10th season of "Ink Master." Tefft, who owns 12 Tattoos on Route 12 in Groton, previously won the title of Ink Master in season two — and with it, $100,000. He is back for the new season, subtitled "Return of the Masters" and premiering Jan. 9 at 10 p.m. Tefft, 48, and two other Ink Masters are returning, not as contestants but as mentors.

His "Ink Master" win in 2012 was great for business. He has flown to Argentina and Brazil to do tattoos, and has gotten offers to go to Germany, Australia and Canada. People recognize him in airports and want pictures. He is booking six to eight months out. His rates are up to $200 an hour. He has more than 70,000 followers on Facebook and over 40,000 on Instagram.

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