Nautilus, Submarine Force Museum get new boss

17 Jan 2018

After serving aboard the USS Helena (SSN-725) and USS Chicago (SSN-721), two of the Navy's oldest submarines still in service, Lt. Cmdr. Reginald Preston thought his next set of orders would be to some "shiny" Virginia-class attack submarine.

Instead, in a perverse sense of humor, he joked, the Navy sent him to the oldest submarine "still on the decks."

For the past two years, Preston, 37, originally from Lyman, Neb., has been the officer in charge of the Historic Ship Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered submarine, and director of the Submarine Force Museum in Groton.

"There's not a submarine officer among us that doesn't enjoy a challenge and I'm no different," he said Tuesday at the museum during a change of charge ceremony during which he was relieved by Lt. Cmdr. Bradley Boyd.

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