Arts And Culture Are Key Contributors To Connecticut's Economy

4 May 2018

As an industry, arts and cultural events and productions pumped $9 billion into Connecticut’s economy in 2015, generating more money than utilities and construction, according to new figures from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The arts and culture account for 3.5 percent of the state’s economy, which is dominated by manufacturing and finance, but are seen as important parts of Connecticut’s efforts to revitalize its cities by drawing residents interested in urban life and employers who will hire them.

“We use it to drive workforce development,” said Kristina Newman-Scott, executive director of the Connecticut Office of the Arts and state historic preservation officer.

The data should refute the idea that “arts and culture are seen as a nicety, not a necessity,” she said.

Cultural events and arts also draw visitors who spend money at state parks, museums, concerts, plays, restaurants, hotels, gas stations and other attractions and activities. Arts and cultural production employed about 57,000 workers in the state in 2015.

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