Sift Bakery Shop owner is again in the national spotlight

1 Jun 2018

Small Business

MYSTIC, Conn. (WTNH) - Adam Young can be found hard at work in his Mystic bake shop but he can also be found just as hard at work on a national baking competition.

He is competing to be the Food Network's Best Baker in America.

"Everything is timed," said Young. "What would take us normally, a wedding cake, let's say, a day or two to work on here at the shop, we have three hours."

Lots of pressure, but also lots of exposure. Young taped the show in Los Angeles for two weeks in February. Sometimes, he performed in two challenges a day.

"It makes for very long days and they want to see you fatigued a little bit and they want to see you kind of make mistakes and it's all part of it," said Young.

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