Groton business owner directs improv toward scientists, ‘others who want to have fun’

7 Dec 2018

"The sky is green today," asserted Bridget K. Brown, owner of StoryMatters LLC. Ignite Program Manager Emma Palzere-Rae replied, "Yes, and it looks like it's going to rain." 

"The rain will come down in poodles."

"Yes, and my cat will be doubly upset."

Anyone remotely familiar with improvisational comedy knows that "Yes, and..." is the first rule, meant to signify that a participant should always accept the premise of another participant, and then expand on it. But Brown's style of improv is not about comedy. 

"We're not trying to teach you how to be a character. We're not trying to teach you how to be a comedian," she said. "We're trying to increase your ability to listen, respond and focus."

This is the premise behind her class "Improv for Scientists and Others Who Want to Have Fun." Brown, whose business offers workshops on public speaking, corporate storytelling and more, runs the free, public session once a month from noon to 12:50 p.m. at BioCT Innovation Commons.

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