Through BBQ at sub base, Connecticut chef finds way to give back

2 Jan 2019

Community Interest

As a cook in the Army, Dan Monroe knew a key part of his job was to boost morale. 

That was particularly true during the holidays. At the chow hall, they would do something special — decorate cakes, "pull out the steaks." One time there was an ice sculpture.

"You can feel the difference on the base when they're working, and it's the holidays, and they're far away from their families," Monroe said Friday. 

Back in September, Monroe was explaining this to his friend Kristopher Plummer, who goes by the name Chef Plum, while a guest on his live food talk show "Plumluvfoods." The next day, Plum called the Navy and asked if he could cook a barbecue meal for sailors at the Naval Submarine Base.

Eighteen briskets, eight pork butts and two 50-pound pigs later, and Plum's plan had gone off without a hiccup — a rarity when putting on a big event, he said.

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