Connecticut ranked as fifth most charitable state

2 Jan 2019

Giving Tuesday was a day when folks dug deep into their hearts and gave money, time, or gently used items to the charitable cause of their choice. And, according to the financial website WalletHub, a lot of Connecticut residents took on that philanthropic task.

In its latest survey, the site ranked states from most to least charitable, based on such factors as volunteer rate and share of income donated to share of sheltered homeless. Connecticut scored as the fifth most charitable state, and had the third highest percent of state residents who donated money to charity. It also had the eighth highest number of charities per capita, the 18th highest percentage of donated income, the 19th highest volunteer rate and the 25th highest number of volunteer hours per capita.

Minnesota ranked as the most charitable state, followed by Utah, New York and Maryland, which, along with Connecticut, comprised the top five. The stingiest state was Nevada, followed by Rhode Island, Arizona, Louisiana and Hawaii.

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